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Make way for Josh Rosen! and... If my favourite music was personified, it'd be Ryan North!

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April 30 - It's Time We Faced Facts
April 07 - Yes, I Was The Guy
March 24 - Dearest, I Feel Certain

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Whispered Apologies is a collaborative comic strip! You design a comic, pictures but no words, and send it in. Then Ryan and Joey and friends will add dialogue and narration to make your comic illustrative of wacky adventures or even quiet moments of reflection and self-awareness. The process is explained here. The result is a new comic, full of excitement and love!

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FUN FACT: 'several awesome orgasms' was almost 'several five-alarm orgasms' until i realized nobody would ever really say that.  it detracted from the realism of the piece.  it was too bad!

illustration by Josh Rosen of Edwitch
writing by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics

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