whispered apologies

Here is how a comic gets made! In this example we'll use artist Kean Soo and author Ryan North. In real life, the artist is you!

How a Whispered Apologies comic gets made
- This "Whispered Apologies" thing sounds like a lot of fun!
- You know what? I think I'm gonna make a comic for it!
- *drawing*
- *drawing*
- *looking out window*
- *drawing*
- Done! I've made a comic with images, but no dialogue. It looks like this!
- What's this, an email?
- Ryan here is a blank comic I made for Whispered Apologies, attached! You'll notice it is in a standard graphics format like JPG, GIF, PNG or PSD. Also I named it something special, like "keankomic.psd"! Including my name in the filename makes it easy for you.
- Oh man, fantastic! Now to think of what could go in those word balloons...
- I've got it!
- What's this, an email?
- Hey Kean! Thanks so much for the comic. The clouds look amazing and I can't get over how well you draw!
- Thanks man!
- The comic will totally be up tomorrow! Only you forgot to include an illustration or photograph of yourself with your excellent comic, and neglected to mention if you have a website I can link to.
- Also my website is keaner.net!
- High fives all around!
- Hey Ryan you should also mention that people can send in comics without word balloons, if they want.
- Whatever, Joey!