June 20th, 2007
that cockroach sentence comes from my text adventure epic, ''your mouth is full of cockroaches.'' it's like a regular text adventure, except every room description starts with that sentence. if you type 'remove cockroaches from mouth' all it says is ''you think about it, and decide you just don't want to do that.''
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The haps: Okay so my old host told me that Dinosaur Comics was TOO AWESOME (or "too much of a load on the servers", who can say?) and that I had to find new hosting stat. They said that they would kick me off in one week! That was a bit unkind BUT it was the kick that I needed to move to the very excellent Dumbrella Hosting.

Because of the way DNS works, you may find yourself flipping between the old site and the new over the next few days, but it should stabilize pretty soon. We're working on getting the new site to have all the features of the old one, but it may take a bit! Rest assured that we are ON IT.

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