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July 3rd, 2009: Dear Drew Mokris,

I am told that a few days ago you had a "pacifist" pun on your site, which coincides with the one I've got on mine! You say on your site that I borrowed one of your jokes, and then you go on to say that now YOU look like a time-travelling joke stealer, since my comic was posted after yours. Finally you admit that you stole the joke from your girlfriend. WELL IT TURNS OUT THAT THE JOKE IS ACTUALLY ON YOU, DREW, as I as well can travel through time, and I have ALREADY set it up so that at some point in the future I go back in time, mess with some genetics, and arrange events so that I AM your girlfriend. The girlfriend that you are with, right now. That's me. I am now doubly-mad that you stole my joke but you are a good kisser so we are cool. It's good to have / to be having this off my chest now / in the future!!


PS drew i hope that if somehow our letters ends up on our sites it will be clear that we are both just joking!! :0

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– Ryan

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