September 30th, 2009
PRO TIP: this comic also works if you remove the thought bubbles, but then it's just dromiceiomimus and utahraptor acting really unimpressed with t-rex's thoughtful gifts
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The haps: My friend Ben Tippett has been thinking about Superman's powers from a physics perspective, and came up with a theory that all of his myriad powers: flight, x-ray vision, super hearing, cold breath, heat vision, lifting buildings over his head, catching Lois without breaking all her bones, etc, can be explained as manifestations of one power: the ability to manipulate the inertia of matter, both his own and matter that he comes in contact with. I've never heard such a simple Grand Unifying Theory of Superman's powers before, so I convinced him to whip it up into a quick Scientific Paper Format, and here it is! AWESOME. Thanks Ben!
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