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January 28th, 2010: Yesterday I linked to Posterchild and Jason Eppink's great Astoria Scum River Bridge, a bridge these two men had built over a perputally leaky pipe in Astoria, and mentioned how it had gotten fan mail from a NYC counciller. It turns out it had done more than that: after four years of doing nothing, the city fixed the scum river pipes yesterday.

I think this is entirely fantastic. Some of the comments online were like "WHY BUILD A BRIDGE WHEN YOU CAN JUST FIX THE PIPE BECAUSE I WOULD'VE FIXED THE PIPE IN LIKE TEN SECONDS", which sort of ignores the fact that Posterchild and Jason aren't actually plumbers, and no matter how well-intentioned they are, the bridge is federal properly and tampering with the pipes is a felony. Especially if, as amateurs, they messed up and made it worse. But adding a bridge is achievable, allows people to cross the river safely, AND draws attention to the problem in a way that got it fixed within three days.


(In other news, I drove home late last night and my mom wanted me to email her when I arrived so she knew I was okay, but she'd be asleep when the email came in anyway! So I told her if my comic updated today I was still alive. Thus, today's comic is special, because it doubles as a RYAN IS STILL ALIVE INDICATOR.

Hi mom!)

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Here's the trailer!


– Ryan

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