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October 1st, 2010: So Andrew Hussie (who you might remember from his comic) (also the way he stalks ME and has an unhealthy interest in ME as documented HERE) is moving, and he's moving to Easthampton to be with Jeff Rowland, which is REALLY FUNNY because the last time I arranged a conversation with Andrew he said "Oh yeah, Ryan, I'm totally going to move to Toronto, you can always believe me, Andrew 'Veracious Dude' Hussie". Isn't that hilarious? AREN'T LIES HILARIOUS? EVERY READER OF MY COMIC GETS A NEW PUPPY TODAY. HAHA, THAT WAS A LIE, LET'S ALL LAUGH *ANDREW*

In other words, being a fool, I took his words to mean that he perhaps... perhaps he was moving to Toronto? But, now, recalling his words closely, I see that Andrew (as usual) has left himself a loophole in any verbal commitment big enough to drive an unreal air skateboard through. Clearly I was not talking to "VD" Hussie when he said these words, but rather his other personality, which I will call "'Liesmith 2000' Hussie", or "The Prevaricator". It has become brutally clear that the Prevaricator cares not for truth OR my feelings. I personally find it hard to tell which of the two he cares less for because for most people, the truth and my feelings are one and the same.

Anyway it's not like it's that much further to drive to his new house and watch him through his NEW kitchen window, staring aghast as he chews his breakfasttime treats slowly, so slowly, using only one side of his mouth, so whatever



Hey, my new book Romeo and/or Juliet comes out in less than a month! It's my choose-your-own-path version of the Shakespeare play featuring tons of great illustrations. To celebrate - and to also convince you to purchase it! - I've posted the first page, and every day we vote on which option to follow. We're doing a LET'S PLAY ROMEO AND/OR JULIET and you should totally join us!

One year ago today: dollar auctions were invented by martin shubik, okay, so listen, mr. shubik, i like your name

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