December 8th, 2010 
alternate panel six reads "EARLIER:" and then t-rex is alone saying "Ouch, you guys!". it's totally not a testicles joke! he's saying "ouch" for everyone who expects to come home to loose balls but will instead find them safely secured and be frustrated because of that. ISN'T THAT A MORE SATISFYING AND HILARIOUS ENDING??

The haps: I've been enjoying The Onion AV Club's Star Trek television reviews for quite a while. They're by Zack Handlen who knows how to write about television in an engaging but still thoughtful way. Highly recommended! I don't always agree with his assessments (I seem to love all the episodes he likes the least) but I think it's the mark of a great reviewer that I still really enjoy his assessments and the way he gets there. I linked there to the first episode of TNG, but Zach's also done all of TOS and he's working through TNG each week. It is FUN TIMES.

– Ryan

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