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April 29th, 2011: Here is a comic I wrote; I hope you like it!

I never announced these here because they kept going out of stock as soon as we got them in, but now we've got them ready for you! Cats and kittens, may I present: DINOSAUR COMICS WHITEBOARDS.

I've wanted to make these for years and years, but it took a really long time to find someone who could make them awesome enough. I'm glad we waited because these ones are EXTREMELY AWESOME. Instead of one comic a day at, with this whiteboard you get INFINITE COMICS wherever you want (that you write yourself)!


UPDATE AN HOUR LATER: holy crap you guys bought them all! We're getting more in stock, you can still order and we'll ship them as soon as they come in - thanks everyone! You Are Awesome!


Hey, my new book Romeo and/or Juliet comes out in less than a month! It's my choose-your-own-path version of the Shakespeare play featuring tons of great illustrations. To celebrate - and to also convince you to purchase it! - I've posted the first page, and every day we vote on which option to follow. We're doing a LET'S PLAY ROMEO AND/OR JULIET and you should totally join us!

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