October 4th, 2011
even meta-problems like "too many time machines" or "time machines have screwed up other time machines" can be solved with time machines. IT'S A UNIVERSAL PANACEA THAT ALSO LETS YOU SEE IF NESSIE WAS EVER THERE (continuity)
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The haps: Sometimes you want to leave your friends a note, but you know they'll take it way more seriously if it comes from the mouth of T-Rex! Sometimes instead of writing a note to your friends, you're writing it to yourself, but with the exact same expectation of T-Rex authority! And SOMETIMES, you want to stick these notes on things using a technology invented by Art Fry!

Okay listen I don't want to oversell this, but here we go:


And then sometimes you stop to think about it, and you realize we're all taking a heck of a lot of risks, right? We're all living right on the edge. And you need to tell people! Have I got an apron for YOU and YOURS, my friend:

All this and more in the just-updated shoppe!

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