December 2nd, 2011 
ALTERNATE ENDING: Utahraptor, ain't nobody a better bro to HTML than me! / I'm down with the W3C / BFFs with Tim Berners-Lee / At least the version of him from back in '93 / *record scratch* / ...Why doesn't he call?

The haps: These raps started on Twitter when Emily "A Softer World" "Meatball" Horne asked for some blog raps and me and Anthony "Nedroid" "Screens" Clark and Mark "Antihero For Hire" "Slugger" Shallow DELIVERED IN STYLE. These two gentlemen are outstanding rhymesmiths and it was an honour and a privilege to steal their best stuff.

What are you doing December 19th? Because worldwide it's Feel Free To Talk To Me If I'm Wearing A Dinosaur Comics Shirt Day! and in Toronto it's my book release and holiday party! GOOD TIMES; LET'S ALL GO

– Ryan

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