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December 20th, 2011: A Christmas-themed comic?! HOW APPROPRIATE, because I also did four Christmas-themed comics for Comics Alliance and a new one went up just yesterday! Here they are: one, two, three, and four goes up later this week - I hope you enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who came to my book launch and holiday party last night. It was terrific and on stage Joey gave me a Christmas present: A KNIFE. So now all my problems are over! Or at the very least, they'll soon be new, different problems!

So far I've been emailed one case of "Feel Free To Talk To Me If I'm Wearing A Dinosaur Comics Shirt Day" hookups but they've asked that I keep the details private! :0

YOU LIKE TO READ: Probably, huh? Well GOOD NEWS: my book To Be or Not To Be (choose-your-own-path Hamlet!) is in the new Humble eBooks Bundle! Up to FIFTEEN books at a pay-what-you-want price, plus you support charity (and artists)! Definitely worth checking out, if you ask me.

NEW SHIRTS: As you may have noticed, I've spent the past all this year coming up with a new shirt design every month. Then I sold them for two weeks only! But now they're BACK... for two weeks only. Check them out! There are some PRETTY FRIGGIN' AWESOME shirts here. There's also a new one about dating, kinda?

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