What are the haps my friends

February 28th, 2012: There's still words down here, everyone! What shall we talk about? Hmm... okay, here's a brain teaser for you: how many distinct sounds are there? PUZZLE IT OUT, I WILL POST THE ANSWER IN FIVE MINUTES. Okay I sat here doing nothing and it's five minutes later now and the answer is "it depends on what you mean by 'sounds' but probably there's tons and tons, unless you count the first sound up to now as one continuous uninterrupted sound". I just made that brain teaser up now! Brains are e-z to tease-z, and yes, you may quote me.


Hey, my new book Romeo and/or Juliet comes out in less than a month! It's my choose-your-own-path version of the Shakespeare play featuring tons of great illustrations. To celebrate - and to also convince you to purchase it! - I've posted the first page, and every day we vote on which option to follow. We're doing a LET'S PLAY ROMEO AND/OR JULIET and you should totally join us!

One year ago today: tomorrow's comic, which you won't see, is just t-rex saying "I AM TRIPPING BALLS" in sparkle-vision in every panel. enjoy!

– Ryan

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