What are the haps my friends

April 23rd, 2012: This comic was pretty directly inspired by Less Wrong's discussion of timeless physics, which I think you'll enjoy! If your mind is breaking, just tell yourself that time and space are related, and so by magically changing space you're also magically change time, even without intending to. Now you can continue going through your day!

PHEW close call there huh??

To make sure the best gifts ever in time get to you when you want them, here are the HOLIDAY SHIPPING DEADLINES. Orders placed before or on these dates will get to you in time for Christmas!

December 5th: Last day that ALL US shipping methods are safe.
December 12th: Last day that to use USPS Priority or Express for international orders!
December 13th: Only USPS Priority Express or FedEx 2- for guaranteed Christmas delivery.
December 18th-December 19th: FedEx 2-Day and Overnight might work, but no promises!!

Here that is in GRAPHIC FORM!

One year ago today: you're doomed to lose a non-trivial amount of the time, it's not like the journey to defeat is more important than Destination Defeatville here

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