What are the haps my friends

October 15th, 2012: The secret project I was teasing has been announced: it is a comic based on GALAGA written by me, drawn by Chris Hastings and coloured by Anthony Clark! It will start SOON and it will feature EXPLOSIONS and SPACE and PALS. Are these three of your top interests? Gosh I sure hope so.

YOU LIKE TO READ: Probably, huh? Well GOOD NEWS: my book To Be or Not To Be (choose-your-own-path Hamlet!) is in the new Humble eBooks Bundle! Up to FIFTEEN books at a pay-what-you-want price, plus you support charity (and artists)! Definitely worth checking out, if you ask me.

NEW SHIRTS: As you may have noticed, I've spent the past all this year coming up with a new shirt design every month. Then I sold them for two weeks only! But now they're BACK... for two weeks only. Check them out! There are some PRETTY FRIGGIN' AWESOME shirts here. There's also a new one about dating, kinda?

One year ago today: did you know: MY beats are so fresh the eggs in them are still fertile chickens from the previous generation

– Ryan

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