August 2nd, 2013 
hmm which house should i buy: the one sold by "James Peterson", smiling generic guy, or the one sold by "EXPLOSIONLAND MUSCLE HOUSES" whose logo is a house with a giant flexing arm coming out of the chimney, hmmmmmm

The haps: NEW SHIRT!

Don't you hate it when people stare at certain parts of your awesome body, instead of at the certain other parts you want them to stare at?

Maybe they're just lost.

This shirt will help everyone figure out which of your organs they want to check out. It features a convenient and accurate map to your face, arms, heart, gallbladder, spleen, and also your kidneys and intestines and stuff. Pancreas too, I guess? Whatever you got goin' on inside, man!

I don't judge!

(NOTE: if you have had a kidney removed, the "my kidneys are hereish" arrows still apply, but now they're pointing in the general direction of wherever your kidneys are now) (IT ALL STILL TOTALLY WORKS)

My Face Is Up Here.

– Ryan

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