NEW BOOK ALERT: William Shakespeare Punches A Friggin' Shark And/Or Other Stories!! AHHHH IT'S GONNA BE GREAT
What are the haps my friends

March 2nd, 2016: Its the 10th anniversary of MACHINE OF DEATH! Just about. The idea for the anthology / sequel anthology / creative card game / expansion pack all started with the the original Machine of Death comic in Dinosaur Comics back in December 2005! WHOAH!

And to celebrate that idea being 10 years old (and the fact it took us like half that time just to get the book out in the first place, and then everything exploded!) you can get ANY of our books or games for... $10! A MERE TEN BUCKAZOIDS.

THAT IS A CRAZY DEAL. The game normally retails for $35 (and the expansion set for $45)! THIS IS PURE MADNESS. And you can take advantage of it RIGHT NOW by clicking... THESE WORDS.


I'm writing a book and could use your support in making it super awesome! It's called William Shakespeare Punches A Friggin' Shark and it's a choose-your-own path SHAKESPEARE ADVENTURE. And it's being illustrated by 100% amazing people!!

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– Ryan

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