What are the haps my friends

May 13th, 2019: TCAF was amazing as always and this was the best year ever. It's so great to meet readers - new ones, and ones that come by every year to say hi! It really is my favourite weekend of the year and my favourite festival. So thank you! And let's see if VANCAF can beat it, which is where I'll be... NEXT weekend??

GUESS WHAT JUST CAME OUT: IT'S MY NEW BOOK!! If you've ever wondered what you'd do if you were stranded in the past, wonder no longer! With HOW TO INVENT EVERYTHING, you'll reinvent civilization from scratch, no matter what time period you're in. You'll become the single most influential, decisive, and important person ever born. You'll make history...


Here's the trailer!

One year ago today: i like all t-rex's friends about to talk to him, and then seeing he's lost in thought, and then leaving without a word

– Ryan

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