LAST FEW DAYS TO GET William Shakespeare Punches A Friggin' Shark And/Or Other Stories!! AHHHH IT'S GONNA BE GREAT
What are the haps my friends

March 27th, 2006: Here's a podcast interview with me and the dudes at Happy Time. If you're wondering what my voice sounds like AND CAN HANDLE DISAPPOINTMENT IN THAT RESPECT, it is the mp3 file for you! It was a fun interview. I got to choose the intro music. I chose Shoop by Salt N Pepa and regret nothing.


I'm writing a book and there's only a few days left to get it! It's called William Shakespeare Punches A Friggin' Shark and it's a choose-your-own path SHAKESPEARE ADVENTURE. And it's being illustrated by 100% amazing people!!

One year ago today: internet diary and optimism comics!

– Ryan

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