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June 5th, 2006: The Small Press Book Fair in Toronto was a lot of fun! I picked up some CRAZY books, including one that's entirely done on a typewriter and is about wars. It looks promising. This weekend it's New York City!

International orders are (finally!) up and running for the oh-so-sexy Dinosaur Comics: the book!. You just need to add "overseas shipping" to your order and you are SET. Check out the book here!

I had a dream this morning about an office that slid out of its building and flew around before joining a giant airship with about seven other offices that had already docked into individual ports. Upon waking I was sad that I worked from home when I could be working in an office like that. WELCOME TO MY WORLD

GUESS WHAT JUST CAME OUT: IT'S MY NEW BOOK!! If you've ever wondered what you'd do if you were stranded in the past, wonder no longer! With HOW TO INVENT EVERYTHING, you'll reinvent civilization from scratch, no matter what time period you're in. You'll become the single most influential, decisive, and important person ever born. You'll make history...


Here's the trailer!

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