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July 19th, 2006: Hey, I won a Web Cartoonist's Choice Award for BEST WRITER. Sweet! Thanks fellow cartoonists!

I updated Poster Child's Mario Block website with a bunch of new blocks, including a great looking one by Gina and another by an artist in Norway who has taken the idea and put it into galleries.

Finally, I haven't put up new t-shirt pictures for a while, so KAPOW, here are some great pictures! Here's Ben, Adam, Cina not once but twice, Ian, Allison, Jared, Michael and his snakey friend, and my favourite of the bunch, Gina, because she's not only got a whale shirt but also the awesome Mario block she made.


Hey, my new book Romeo and/or Juliet comes out in less than a month! It's my choose-your-own-path version of the Shakespeare play featuring tons of great illustrations. To celebrate - and to also convince you to purchase it! - I've posted the first page, and every day we vote on which option to follow. We're doing a LET'S PLAY ROMEO AND/OR JULIET and you should totally join us!

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