LAST FEW DAYS TO GET William Shakespeare Punches A Friggin' Shark And/Or Other Stories!! AHHHH IT'S GONNA BE GREAT
What are the haps my friends

November 3rd, 2006: Guys I am behind on emails! If you emailed me anytime since my birthday on the 20th and I haven't written back, it is not because I hate you. I like you! Probably! It is because I am so far behind on emails but am trying to catch up.

Yesterday I went to the store to buy socks and Hallowe'en chocolate was on sale and I bought so much discount chocolate


I'm writing a book and there's only a few days left to get it! It's called William Shakespeare Punches A Friggin' Shark and it's a choose-your-own path SHAKESPEARE ADVENTURE. And it's being illustrated by 100% amazing people!!

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