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recent regrets

seeing someone describe a pair of slacks as "tight" and wanting to punch them for it
Apple Colon give us your fuckin' money
Apple Colon You can have taxes or you can have jobs, but you can't have both
Harambe Copulates with Gene Wilder in Shock Viral Video
Man Copulates with Gene Wilder in Shock Viral Video
meat of Harambe
An Ohio restauranteur has filed an application to trademark the meat of Harambe
steaks out of Harambe
steaks out for Harambe
in the name of Harambe, what more in the name of Harambe
An Ohio entrepreneur has filed an application to trademark the name of Harambe
fuck marry kill, Gene Wilder, Nelson Mandela, the Bearenstein Bears
Man Copulates with McChicken Sandwich in Shock Viral Video
just kind of assuming that Gene Wilder had already died
the death of Gene Talia
the death of Gene Wilder, that magnificent bastard
the death of Gene Wilder
A clown in the woods has this South Carolina town on edge
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recent comments

(1) Apple Colon give us your fuckin' money
(1) An Ohio entrepreneur has filed an application to trademark the name of Harambe
(4) After she sent him a cartoon image of a pump bottle of hand lotion and a box of tissues, he responded with a graphic, homemade text and emoji image of an ejaculating penis
(1) wondering whether Trump was bragging or y'know actually bragging about shooting a man in the middle of fifth avenue
(3) incendio
(2) fuck marry kill, Bob McKenzie, Doug McKenzie, Hayden Christensen
(3) fuck marry kill, Kento, Brian Peppers, Sylvia Browne
(3) reading a crap book about ready made Hebrews
(1) fuck marry kill, Lauren Tom, Kiana Tom, Tom of Finland
(1) delicious artisanal sandwiches
(2) using an oil based lubricant during really hot sex
(2) it you cut down the tree the hedges get more light
(9) what some people jack off to
(32) that Kento's birthday passed a week ago and you didn't even have a chance to make him a sandwich
(1) believing you can fly
(2) fuck marry kill, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle
(2) punching Sister Beech
(1) fuck marry kill, Harambe, Binti Jua, Jambo
(2) wondering what the worst thing anybody has ever written is
(4) fuck marry kill, eighteen year old Kento, twenty eight year old Kento, thirty eight year old Kento
(1) swimming in the same tank as Kento
(2) sleeping in the same bed as dago
(1) Oliveira booted the teen out of the room they were sharing at the Olympic Village in Rio so she could enjoy a "marathon sex session" with Brazilian canoeist Pedro Goncalves
(2) Pregnant Women Warned to Stay Away From Big Willie
(4) sleeping in the same bed as a dog
(2) wondering whether you would rather have a bisexual fourway with a wookiee, another guy and Princess Leia in a garbage masher on the detention level or get banged by Dickgirl Padme in the middle of the Dune Sea, without a reacharound
(1) fuck marry kill, Shelley Long, Kirstie Alley, Rhea Perlman
(1) fuck marry kill, Kim Il sung, Kim Jong il, Kim Jong un
(1) fuck marry kill, Kim Kardashian, Kim Cardassian, Nicolas Kim Coppola
(1) fuck marry kill, Fatworld Jewel, Dickgirl Jewel, and John Carpenter's The Thing Jewel
(4) fuck marry kill, Courtney Cox, Brian Cox, and Myke Hawke
(1) wondering what Bear Grylls spent so much money on that he still has to eat nutsacks
(2) wondering what Courtney Cox spent so much money on that she still has to work
(2) not eating the fucking rice
(1) Pokemon Extraordinarily Long Penises and Gonopores
(3) gonopores
(2) The entire refrigerator was smeared with what appeared to be a sludge of some sort, varying in color from red to yellow to black
(2) Kento came in and wrote one one seven seven three two and someone else with real feelings came in and regretted heart to hearts and there may have been an australian
(2) breasts
(1) I guess we'll both be spending a week whale watching
(1) not being able to stop Kento putting radiation in little retarded kids' gonads
(2) wondering whether you would rather have sex with Dickgirl Jewel or Fatworld Jewel, but not knowing whether your desire to spoon Jewel's boobs would outweigh your love of women by the pound
(3) wondering whether you would rather Eiffel Tower David Cameron with dickgirl Rachel Stevens, or be Eiffel Towered by dickgirls Cameron Diaz and Rachel Stevens
(2) really wishing you'd spent the past few years learning how Adobe Audition works and putting together odd little tracks instead of you know jerkin it to all that porn and such
(1) Californian Mayor Accused of Playing Pork Stripe With Minor at Youth Camp
(2) testing a hypothesis
(2) delivering Kento's package
(2) once the dj lets it spin it'll penetrate your skin
(5) As part of the Wiggles, Fatt became one of the "most popular Asian performers in the world"
(1) rumour swept London that a pig faced woman was living in Marylebone
(2) it's no wonder he struggles to grasp the bigger picture
(1) damne
(1) Kento, in a lime green thong, being Eiffel Towered by Chris Lydon in a lime green thong and a walrus in a lime green thong
(1) Our heroes don't look like Matt Damon, they look more like Leo DiCaprio
(2) trying to give a Regret Index user a hot brown sandwich in the communal laundry room
(11) trying to befriend a Regret Index user
(2) helping your uncle jack put on a donkey show, with a matinee on saturdays and sundays and wednesdays too in the high season
(1) helping your uncle jack off a horse
(1) Our heroes don't look like Matt Damon
(1) Pokemon Lying Flat Against the Ground and Run Away Like a Little Bitch
(1) topping for Steve Harwell in Takin' the Back Streets VII
(8) remembering that scend in Pokemon where Ash kisses that Latias in human form, and thinking that's probably Kento's best bet
(1) the kid from Lazytown is a quarter of a century old
(1) two legit two leak
(1) tweeting to a singer that you want to take a shit in her scanties
(1) tweeting to a celebrity that you want to take a shit in their skull
(2) he smashed too hard
(2) thinking that if Kento ever snaps and does something terrible to other people instead of just himself, Ryan would hand over our IP addresses in a heartbeat
(2) they aren't booing, they're saying "Boo ernie!"
(7) wondering which you would choose, to be a lesbian with a penis or a straight man with a vagina
(1) Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
(3) hoping it's not "fist or be fisted by a Star Trek cast member"
(1) anyway, if "fisting or being fisted by a Star Trek cast member" is on your bucket list, I'm pretty sure that Takei would oblige you either way
(2) Music From Another Room is a romantic comedy that follows the exploits of Danny, a young man who grew up believing he was destined to marry the girl he helped deliver as a five year old boy when his mother's best friend went into emergency labor
(4) meetgraham dot com dot au
(4) Double Penetration Edged Sword in the Lodestone Cold Filtered Hand Ground Slow Roasted Traditionally Poured and Puddled Adobe Flash!!! Aaahh!!! Real Hot Dirty Pocket Pool Monsters
(30) still only seeing black, white, and blue
(3) the death of Chris Lydon
(2) the death of Garry Marshall
(6) playing Entry of the Gladiators over the Republican National Convention coverage
(1) guessing that Peppa Pig just has Pedro Pony put it in her butt to avoid getting pregnant with some kind of equuporcine abomination
(1) drawing a picture of Kento being Eiffel Towered by Penn Jillette and a camel
(5) any smooth bottom intersted into top muscle pm me
(1) turtles
(2) just now reflecting on how utterly ridiculous it was to cast Patrick Stewart as a Frenchman
(1) Luke McCarthy, XXVIII, is said to have made a woman drink his blood before sinking his teeth into her thigh
(6) using the screen name "black guy plus white girl equals hot"
(1) this freakin horse
(1) this freakin dog
(3) this freakin guy
(1) It's World Emoji Day! Teen girls, code an emoji that's unique like you
(1) damn, I've been maintaining my amateur status because I want to dog in the Olympics
(1) begged incest
(1) When you turn the Trump Pence logo upside down, it literally looks like a handjob
(1) meeting Brian Peppers
(3) using the word "waffletastic"
(2) in light of the horrible attack in Nice, France, I have postponed tomorrow's news conference concerning my vice presidential announcement while I think of something worse than losers to call the French
(4) that i deleted all the spam comments, hah hah hah OH WELL
(1) wondering what your favourite meme is

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kind of loving Gene Hunt, that magnificent bastard (1.0000)
the goddamn deliberately disabled modems Earthlink sent out to customers in the early aughts, cannot enable DHCP without "paying" extra, and using PPoE plus a router with DHCP disables streaming video, FU Earthlink (1.0000)
bragging about being from West Virginia (1.0000)
shows that only have eight episodes per season (1.0000)
regrets about pony blowing (1.0000)
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sucking her left one until she had a breastgasm (0.0000)
telling the Philippines authorities that Kento is a drug mule (0.0000)
using the word "waffletastic" (0.0000)
rubbing one out in the bathroom at church (0.0000)
killing the California girls (0.0000)
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meeting Brian Peppers (12561/0.9789)
Kento (2760/0.9993)
turtles (2607/0.0004)
the death of Sylvia Browne (2431/0.0004)
that you're suddenly very interested in the origin of the champagne out of a shoe trope (2336/0.5076)
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tricking a straight guy into dating another straight guy (98)
I would want to bang Jewel if I were not in a relationship (37)
that Kento's birthday passed a week ago and you didn't even have a chance to make him a sandwich (32)
still only seeing black, white, and blue (30)
the actress (29)
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