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What are the haps my friends

May 15th, 2024: This weekend was TCAF, the Toronto Comics Arts Festival, my favourite comics show ever! I wasn't exhibiting this year but I was there as an attendee and got some cool comics - and at the end met up with Jan Szejko! You may remember them for being ALREADY FAMOUS for the Dinosaur Comics Transcript Generator but now they are even MORE FAMOUS because they gave me this perfect model they made of... THE DEVIL. :0

Before they gave it to me, Jan asked me if I had any idea of what The Devil - as an off-screen character - actually looked like, and I admitted I never actually considered it. After they gave it to me, they said the basis of this model was the DIABLOCERATOPS which is as perfect a species for The Devil as could be. So this is now OFFICIALLY CANON: The Devil is a Diabloceratops (in Dinosaur Comics at the VERY least).

Thank you Jan again for this - it's so cool!!

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– Ryan

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