November 13th, 2008
the "cake-cutting problem" is a well-known mathematical problem! i would argue that the world would be AT LEAST 5% BETTERER had the nomenclature gone differently and mathematicians had spent the 20th century discussing the hilariously-named cheese-cutting problem instead
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The haps: Guys I just discovered it today but I am the #1 Fan of MS Paint Adventures. A choose-your-own-adventure comic done with great art and hilarious plotting? YES PLEASE. There's three stories: Problem Sleuth, Bard Quest, and Jailbreak Adventure. I recommend starting with Jailbreak Adventure, since you don't have many options initially (avoiding the paranoid feeling of "WHAT AM I MISSING OH GOD" endemic to the genre - I mean, endemic to ME and the genre) and also it's hilarious AND there's pumpkin heads.

In other the news the mayor of Batman, Turkey is suing the producers of the new Batman movie because it's his town's name. Only he hasn't actually signed any legal papers. Thanks to everyone who emailed me this story!

Also CNN and news media in general, can we give the "Holy noun!" headlines for Batman a rest? Here is a secret: they were never actually clever you guys! Also while we're at it if you're going to write a story titled "Biff! Bam! Kapow! Comics aren't just for kids anymore!" please rename it to "Patronizing Thoughts On A Medium I Only Know Stereotypes About Which I Happened To Acquire Decades Ago".

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