Over $250,000 dollars has been raised!

And this means we've unlocked a special Holiday Card for everyone who has pledged $30 or more!

This ecard features an exclusive Christmas Hamlet illustration by cover artist Noelle Stevenson and is the perfect way to say "Hey, I got you something awesome, and it'll be arriving... midway through the new year. PS I THINK YOU'RE GREAT!". It's also the perfect last-minute Christmas gift, no wrapping required!

To access it, just give us the email address you pledged to Kickstarter with, along with the email address you'd like us to send the picture to. The email will go to your gift recipient (they'll be informed of the awesome book you're getting for them in the new year!)

We'll send it out December 24th, aka Christmas Eve! That way it's for sure there on the 25th, no matter where on the planet you are! The email address you used for Kickstarter will be CC'd on the message, so you'll know it's been sent.

Emails will be coming from me, ryan@qwantz.com. If you run into any problems, drop me a line there! :0

If you've pledged $30 or more, here's the information we need!

Your Kickstarter account email, for verification:

The email address WE should email the card to:

What's your name:

And what's their name (as in, the name of the gift recipient):

And would you like to write a nice note to be included in this email? If so, do so here!

There's no editing this once you submit, so make sure you didn't mess anything up!