Albert Monteys and I are honoured to adapt, for the first time, Kurt Vonnegut's incredible book into the medium of comics. Billy Pilgrim, fighting in World War II, has come unstuck in time. He'll see his past. He'll see his future. And he'll see what happens when he meets the time-travelling aliens from the planet Tralfamadore. The classic anti-war scifi dark comedy has come to life in a whole new way, and you can read a preview of the book here!

"The best, and most effective, graphic novel adaptation of a literary novel in recent memory." - Library Journal (starred review!)

"A rare graphic adaptation that enriches a literary classic... this tragic, bleakly funny take on Vonnegut's defining work will send enthused readers back to the source, and deserves a place beside it on the shelf." - Publisher's Weekly (starred review!)

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