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dinosaur comics is one year old today!

They are actually a little older than a year, since I started on them a week, I think, before I put them online. In any case, soon they will be a precocious toddler, full of wonder with the world, putting things in their mouths that they find on the ground. I forget where I was going with this!

If you scroll down you will find the first dinosaur comic I ever did! As some of you may have noticed, I use the same pictures every day. Because of this, before I put any comic up, I did a dozen or so comics to make sure what I was attempting was actually possible. But what you don't see online - UNTIL NOW - is my first attempt, using the model you'll find on the website. The one and only comic I did with this model is unfinished, unloved, and un-hilarious.

FACT: it took me about 8/10 of a comic to realize what a bad comic this was.

It is using a different template than every other comic! There is a new, exciting, female, vegetarian dinosaur in the first two panels! While I thought this template would be good, it was not. I could not even make one comic with it. Besides the first two panels, there are many subtle differences between this and the final version. It's drawn differently: notice how different the T-Rex's eyes are in the last panel, and how the Utahraptor looks like a frog. There is so much wrong here I don't know where to start. The T-Rex looks evil! Also there is a spelling mistake.

For those interested, the dinosaur in the first two panels is called a "Maiasaurus". She would have been the only natural herbivoire in the comic. Maiasaura nurtured their young (something new and rare for dinosaurs) but appeared late in the Cretaceous period, dying out too soon. The end of the Cretaceous marks the supposed meteror impact which wiped out 65 percent of all life on the planet. To experience this event first-hand, refer to the Choose Your Own Adventure: Dinosaurus Rex comic.

Here is the first dinosaur comic ever! Happy anniversary, baby.

  Artist: R. North
Medium: Digital
Title: Dinosaur Walking in an Exotic Forest
January 2003

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