July 12th, 2007
t-rex is being a bad role model here. you shouldn't say stuff like that to friends. also you shouldn't read their mail. ARE YOU READING THIS, GUY IN CHINATOWN WHO READS MY MAIL? IT IS JUST A FLYER FROM THE GROCERY STORE. YOU DON'T NEED TO READ THAT, OKAY??
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The haps: Today I am going to link you to the 365 Days Project, which I loved back in 2003, at which point it went offline. But I just searched for it and it's back, and they're doing another year! Every day they post a strange, obscure audio file to download and enjoy. A lot of them are so much fun: stuff like two anonymous girls singing "I've Had The Time Of My Life" found on a mysterious hand-labelled CD-R at an estate sale. If that does not pique your interest then you are a zombie. Everyone else around you is ALIVE and you are a philosophical zombie.

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