September 18th, 2007 
i don't know who sounds like me and can throw their voice back in time but it wasn't me. and also i think i said i'm gonna TISSUE so much in ten minutes. maybe you should get some tissues. i gotta go.

The haps: Will emailed me this a while ago and I forgot to post it: T-Rex Test Driving Some DeLoreans, based on this comic. Nice! There was also a posable paper T-Rex that was sent in a while ago and I didn't post and NOW I've lost the email! So if you sent that to me please to send it again and I won't be so dumb this time? Sorry!

Hey, in exciting news, Zip and Li'l Bit are back! This is a really excellent comic that I linked you to last year, I think. The first story, Upside-Down Me is done, and a new story, The Sky Kayak is just starting. I really love this comic.

– Ryan

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