October 11th, 2007 
you go down a waterslide backwards? high five your friends and tell them you can't wait for the novelization! jump out of a plane and fashion a parachute out of your clothes on the way down? tell everyone you can't wait for the novelization of that one, baby!

The haps: Ontarians! You should be out voting today. If you're not going to vote today then you're not allowed to read my comic anymore. THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT.

Check out the rad stuff people sent me! Benjamin made an actual 2 foot x 3 foot poster out of yesterday's final comic. TOTALLY SWEET. And Jeremy sent me this Mr. Tusks campaign poster, which is giant, unlike Mr Tusks. I also share with you Cory's delicious T-Rex cake. And finally, here's an adorable rendering of Mr. Tusks by Nick!

– Ryan

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