April 29th, 2008
i got many emails yesterday with the tip of scaling up the periods and commas. kids today! WHEN WE WERE KIDS, WE JUST MESSED WITH MARGINS AND USED BOOKMAN OLD STYLE, ON ACCOUNT OF HOW IT WAS HECKUVA WIDE
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The haps: I'm going to try to write up something for ROFLCon this week! Until then here's a totally sweet picture I took from the ROFLCon Flickr pool, taken by the Laughing Squid folks. That's moot, Randy and me in the picture! I like it because the speech bubbles line up and we all look so dramatic.

IN THE MEANTIME, remember my Page of Fun And Robot Erotica? I'm going to have to update it because holy cow, look what David sent me: Terminator Kama Sutra. So awesome.

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