June 16th, 2008
my friend with the arrow in his eye and i ran around and high tenned each other while shouting 'sawesome!!'? later, i helped him get to the hospital.
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The haps: MoCCA was a lot of fun! AS USUAL. Jeff Rowland thinks that just because I got in at 5 in the morning he can draw me all stubbley and bleary-eyed, and it turns out he is actually correct in that matter. Thanks to everyone who came by and said hi and told me they liked my comics! I wish I could have stayed longer: we left right after the show.

Thanks also to Chris Hastings and Carly Monardo who let us stay at their place! Guys, they even gave us the air-conditioned room. If you are looking for a free place to stay in NYC, I heartily recommend their place! Five out of a possible five stars.

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