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June 30th, 2008: My street artist friend Poster Child did something cool a few weeks ago: he put up planters around Toronto that look like hit Mario blocks, with flowers growing out of them. Fire flowers! Excellent. This one is my favourite. Then, a few days ago I came across this box in real life, but someone had pulled the flowers out: way to go, Toronto.

Anyway there was a florist a few doors down, so I bought some more fire flowers and planted them in the box. It was my street art / guerilla gardening debut! My cell phone camera has a terminal case of the sucks, but here's what it looked like. It um, was larger and better lit and prettier in real life.

GUESS WHAT JUST CAME OUT: IT'S MY NEW BOOK!! If you've ever wondered what you'd do if you were stranded in the past, wonder no longer! With HOW TO INVENT EVERYTHING, you'll reinvent civilization from scratch, no matter what time period you're in. You'll become the single most influential, decisive, and important person ever born. You'll make history...


Here's the trailer!

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