July 21st, 2008
guys, according to every source I read, the arson happened exactly 2363 years ago TODAY, on july 21st, 356 BC! it's insane, because i had no idea of this when i started writing the comic this morning. it is easily the coincidence with the longest setup time that i am ever liable to experience!
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The haps: You know what's coming out soon? Flight 5 is coming out soon. WEDNESDAY. This is good news! I link to the Flight books every time a new one come out because I think it's the best comics anthology going, but this time I have another motive: I've got a story in this one! I wrote it and John Martz drew it and it is called "Scenes In Which The Earth Stops Spinning And Everybody Flies Into A Wall". Oh yes. You can order it online from Amazon, and you can preview the stories here! WARNING: COMIC NARRATIVES DIVORCED FROM THEIR CONCLUSIONS AHOY

I got a few preview copies and the book looks fantastic. I recommend it, you guys!

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