July 29th, 2008
yesterday t-rex said he had five girlfriends, and i got some emails from people asking if that was normal, because THEY haven't had five girlfriends. dudes, neither have i! i guess it's easier when you're t-rex and can consider a bank teller who was nice to you once to be a girlfriend OH SNAP I JUST BURNED A FICTIONAL CHARACTER THAT I CREATED!!!
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The haps: A little while back I asked you, my LOVEABLE READERS, which shirts you'd like to see. The overwhealming favourite was good ol' Mr. Tusks, vice-mayor of Tiny Towne! Oh, Mr. Tusks. I'd actually tried to make a Mr. Tusks shirt before but never came up with a design that was awesome enough. But this time I tried a tiny bit harder!!

Mr. Tusks has put on his little sailor's cap and has taken a ride on the H.M.S. Sinkytowne! While I'm sure he'll get out of this scrape, it's great that he pauses for a moment to reflect on his situation. I like this shirt because even if you don't know the comic, it's clear that it's about an adorable tiny elephant on a ridiculous boat. Oh my goodness. You could meet your boyfriend or girlfriend's family for the first time wearing this shirt and everyone would love you for sure!

You can get the shirt here! It's preordering and will be shipping around August 12th.

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