August 29th, 2008 
is a man not entitled to leaving his socks in the kitchen? "no", says the man in the basement suite, "we share that space". "no", says the man in the room down the hall, "that's gross and nasty". you... rejected those answers.

The haps: The talented Andrea Heins sent me a song she wrote inspired by one of my earlier comics, about declaring parts of your life non-canon. The song is called "Non Canon" and I listened to it with a big grin on my face, especially with lines like "I will declare your lack of passion for me: non-canon." You can listen to the song on her MySpace page here: if the song doesn't play automatically, click on "Non Canon" in the song list. Her other songs are really good too!

Also I want to link to Nedroid because these are some totally sweet comics that deserve all the praise in the world. I keep re-reading this one in particular and I think I want to be - like, living in this comic or something. What I'm saying is I like it you guys

– Ryan

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