September 4th, 2008
It's not even a game where your role can easily be replaced by a machine. It's a game where you could easily be replaced AND if you don't play optimally, the machine will step in and kick you out. If ever there was a system designed to make the computers running it become thoroughly exasperated with organic life, THIS IS IT.
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The haps: One such "bingo being used to power poker" machine is found here, and here's bingo-powered slots by the same company: both serve as proof that I am not lying to you through the happy medium of comics right now! It makes he hold out hope for bingo-powered chess.

I found these bingo-powered poker machines to be really interesting, because in Joey's interview with author Helen DeWitt, she talks about games being untranslatable, about the impossibility of translating poker into chess. I wouldn't say these bingo-powered poker machines are a translation of bingo (they're more of an absurd interface to it than anything else), but they're interesting to consider in that context!

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