September 18th, 2008
The issue in an ongoing series is once you've done it and it wasn't a fluke, it's like you've shown that one of your characters got Superman powers. And then in the next episode when a building is about to fall over on someone, Superman's running around in circles saying "Oh no what do we do? Frig frig frig" and the audience is sitting there, furrowing their brows, one hand on their chin.
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The haps: A bunch of people reminded me of the Most Wanted and Most Unwanted Song, which is hilarious and which you can listen to here. It's amazing how this song goes around every few months: it was put online in June 1997, and I'm sure you can use it as a baseline for how often people forget something online. Anyway I'd forgotten it too despite linking to it myself in January so there you have it: Ryan Can't Remember Stuff Sometimes. The Unwanted Song is highly recommended!

I also came across through my own Project Wonderful and it is fantastic. This guy has put up three of his own indie games and I really recommend ROM CHECK FAIL: it's a game that melds Mario with Zelda with Pac Man with Space Invaders with - well, tons of other games. The basic gameplay is that every five seconds, the tile set, main character, enemies and music are randomly swapped with another classic game. At first it's just fun for the crazy combinations, but then the gameplay deepens when you realize you have about 3 seconds to attack and then 1 second for defence, because you don't know what you'll swap into next. You may be Pac-Man about to eat blue ghosts, when suddenly you're Mario and they're Gauntlet ghosts coming in from above and you are totally pooched. Original and fun and I can beat it but only once!

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