June 16th, 2009
the reason the responses are being read out loud is because t-rex is not one to build an email bot and forget the sbaitso circuits in his design
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The haps: Guys here are some cool things! My friends Jeremy and Emily are watching Star Trek: TNG from the beginning, and Jeremy is making even MORE productive use of this time by starting up cmdrriker.tumblr.com, which has a new picture of Riker every day. I find I am forced to approve!

Also, my friend and yours Chip Zdarsky asked people on Twitter what to draw the other day, and I said "Draw Superman flexing and showing off his tattoos", and then Dustin Harbin suggested Chip draw me flexing and showing off MY Superman tattoos and anyway LONG STORY SHORT you can buy this particularly evocative picture of me on eBay to support This American Life. AND Chip will even draw in a fourth tattoo of your choosing! Whotta deal!

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