July 13th, 2009 
writing comedy is EASY

The haps: A few days ago I had a comic about the raspberry (fartnoise) sound not being a phoneme in any natural language, which Arnold Zwicky shared on the always-delightful Language Log. A reader of the site had emailed us both with a question, and when Zwicky responded I took the opportunity to thank him for the post and the shouts out, as I am not one to miss out on the chance to use an internal plural while emailing a professor of linguistics!

This in turn inspired a post by Arnold on internal inflection, which I found incredibly valuable because it suggests the pluralization of hard on could be the amazing and stunning hards on. Should any of us ever find ourselves in a situation in which we must refer to a collection of boners, I certainly hope we'll remember to say, "You guys! What's with all the hards on?"

The English language, ladies and gentlemen! SO AWESOME.

– Ryan

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