August 13th, 2009
that, my friends, is the face of a man who's excited to realize that not brushing as a child has just paid off with CYBORG ADULTHOOD
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The haps: A few people have emailed me scurrilous allegations about T. rex preferring to feed on young animals rather than larger dinosaurs, apparently because babies are easier to kill, can be eaten whole, and don't fight back. I say, "whatever!" I can't remember the last thing that was my size that I fought, killed, and then ate, and I wager you can't either. If you can then you have been killing bears or you have been killing people. Maybe you have been killing young giraffes. What else is about our size? Ostriches? I've had ostrich meat, but it came in the mail. It was in "jerky format". Anyway.

PS: I used some PHOTOSHOP SPARKLE in this comic and the guy who made the brushes is called "Dave" and asks that I link to his site, so there you go, Dave! Thank you for the PHOTOSHOP SPARKLE.

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