October 27th, 2009 
Lots of languages have "ba" sounds for dads, too: "baba" in Persian, Swahili, Turkish and Bangla, Mandarin Chinese, "abba" in Aramaic and "ba" in !Kung. In other news, !Kung (the language AND people) is/are too awesome to just be mentioned in the title text here; their language uses CLICKS, that's what the "!" is!

The haps: I linked to this on Twitter a while back but forgot to mention it here! If you're a Canadian, this is probably about as close to Dinosaur Comics currency as we're ever going to get. T-Rex coins! Canada makes some wicked currency, you guys: here's a holographic coin that can ALSO be used as a guitar pick, here's $15 playing-card coins and here's some coins with red crystals embedded in them.

CONFIDENTIAL TO CANADIANS: don't tell anyone that these are special coins, let everyone think our country is a land of whimsical currency and pocket-book surprises, okay??

– Ryan

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