December 10th, 2009 
happy, alternate reading: we're not looking at a photo of t-rex in panel six and listening to future generations talk about it! rather, "MANY GENERATIONS LATER" is the name of the club everyone's hanging out at in the present, and t-rex is super excited to see this photograph of some sepia-toned old-timey dude that everyone's crowded around off-panel. both interpretations are valid and exist in a state of QUANTUM-CONTINUITY CANON FLUX

The haps: It is time for a CHARITY AUCTION, everyone! To support Child's Play Squishable and I teamed up with an auction for not only a Squishable T-Rex, but one that comes with a tiny woman, an out-of-scale car AND a little log cabin. Plus, signed copies of the original design docs! It is a special package, you guys!

– Ryan

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