March 12th, 2010
this comic originally had dromiceiomimus saying "What if you look in the mirror and see flaws so fundamental that they can't be changed? What if you see nothing but a big pile of flaws?" and then I was like, "man, I don't know the answer to that!! looks like it's time for another PANTS-CENTRIC REWRITE"
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The haps: I want to link you to the fantastic comics of Jason Shiga, who is both a gentleman and a comics genius. I just picked up Meanwhile, a choose-your-own-adventure comic that branches like crazy AND features both time travel and a doomsday device. It's impressive both in terms of content and structure - really awesome! I really recommend it!

But if you're not reading this at a bookstore where you can pick up "Meanwhile" right now, I'd recommend reading his Fleep to tide you over until you do find yourself in this bookstore!

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