June 10th, 2010
this is called "the tragedy of the commons" and was written about by garrett hardin 1968. luckily, my dinosaurs existed 65 million years before that, so if anyone's plagiarizing anyone, it's garrett hardin plagiarizing t-rex! i'm SO GLAD i remembered that 65 million years ago thing just now
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The haps: Today I want to link you to two excellent things: Dawn of Time (I recommend you start at the beginning and keep clicking "next"!) a comic about a lady in prehistoric times. It's really good, you guys! It is Really Good.

The other is Eversion, which I've recommended before on account of how it's super rad: it's a puzzle platformer through parallel universes, each getting increasingly dark/awesome. There's a new HD version with fancy graphics up on Steam for only five bucks and it's totally worth it. I also noticed they're using a quote from the last time I recommended the game to sell it, which is both sweet and flattering. Hooray!

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