July 19th, 2010 
fifty bucks: a not-insignificant amount of bucks?

The haps: You know what happens this week? SAN DIEGO COMIC CON, and I will totally be there. I'll be at the TopatoCo booth (Booth 1231), which I noticed is MALE CARTOONISTS ONLY this year but that's just because the female ones decided not to come! I'M LOOKING AT YOU, EMILY HORNE OF A SOFTER WORLD DOT COM. Anyway, we men will be there behind the booth, huggin', pillow fighting, "practice kissing" - the usual.

Because of the huge scale of SDCC, I'll be leaving tomorrow to fly down there, and unfortunately these here comics will be Monday-Wednesday-Friday instead of every day. That's still pretty good, tough! That's THREE FREE AND HOPEFULLY AWESOME COMICS. Plus, they have dinosaurs in them! DINOSAURS

Tonight is the Scott Pilgrim Volume 6 Release Party in Toronto, and Mal will be there! Will YOU?

– Ryan

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