August 18th, 2010 
this goes out to my driver instructor years ago who on the first day of class said "nobody fails the course", and when someone said "what if I fail the final exam and then i don't get my license, this class is a rip off" he said, "i'll say it again: everyone gets an A." then he put on a video of car crashes.

The haps: Hey, remember this comic I wrote in 2005? It is about a machine that predicts how you're going to die. After I wrote it I got a bunch of emails saying "This is awesome; do something with this!" and I said "OKAY" and then didn't really do much. Then Malki and Bennardo contacted me and said "Dude it's been months, what if WE ALL did something with this" and I said "Much better!" and then they went ahead and we did a collection of short stories and they did most of the work.

But now it's 2010 and that means it's time to publish this book! Check out this cover. Check out this list of stories and authors. Then we thought, you know what would make this book better? Illustrations for every story! Check out this list of illustrators, you guys. This is an amazing book and it's going to be really exciting to hold it in our hands in October!

– Ryan

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