September 2nd, 2010
it is third place, TOPS.
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The haps: Down beneath the comic, even below these very words, there's a section called "big ups and shouts out" where I link to the Dinosaur Comics distributed computing team. It's something you should join! BASICALLY, modern computers are awesome machines with tons of power that goes idle most of the time while we use them for writing emails or, um, reading comics. This software lets you use those idle cycles to do Actual Science: protein folding, running simulations working on cures for AIDS or cancer, and so on. It's free and runs in the background and lets you know that you're helping to cure diseases while you sleep, which is pretty awesome, I gotta say.

Anyway you should join! The Dinosaur Comics team is the 10th biggest team on the network, beating out teams for Ubuntu Linux and also THE ENTIRE NATION OF FRANCE. Hah! Too bad, France!!

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