September 24th, 2010
warn the children
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The haps: I am the #1 Fan of Dan Savage (who's printed in The Stranger, which prints my comic too on occasion! YES), and he's started a project I really support, called It Gets Better. The goal is to let gay/lesbian/queer-identified/whatever people in high school know that things do get better when you're done, and Dan's posted a pretty great video about it. I know a lot of people in high school read my comic, so if you're reading these words and feeling like maybe things suck, they won't in a few years! Even if you're TOTALLY STRAIGHT, it gets better for you too. Everything gets better... IN THE FUTURE.

So yesterday I linked to this story in the Express, which, it turns out, may not be the most credible source. So I will leave it to you to decide whether or not to trust the giant squid. PS: Don't trust the giant squid.

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